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Eye Exams

It is very important to have regular eye examinations. The eyes really are the windows and a lot of health issues can be discovered during a routine test. 

Even if you have twenty twenty vision it is still important to have the health of your eyes checked. 

Contact Lenses

For those of you who do not like wearing glasses try contact lenses.

We will take you through all the steps.

You might just want them for occasional use like sports, nights out or for a wedding.


The joy of being an independent business is we are not told where to buy our frames and lenses from.

We can source from any company we wish to.

Hopefully the end product is a pair of glasses that you love wearing, are comfortable and more importantly, that you can see better through.


Sunglasses are important to protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation from the sun.

We do a good range of prescription sunglasses.

Adjustments and Repairs

We expect to see most of our patients every now and then for adjustments to their glasses. Whilst we always supply quality products, we understand that glasses go out of shape and occasionally need to be re-fitted.

We can also often repair broken specs, either on site or via a return service.

Free NHS Eye Exams

We are contracted to the NHS to provide free eye examinations to those who are eligible.


For appointments please ring 

0 1494 782957

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